the ultimate dinner party, part 2

first off, if you haven't already checked out part 1 do it now!  here we continue this spectacular evening for the chez panisse 40th anniversary benefit 'flamenco y paella' dinner at the sueuga's.  
lovely etched commemorative glasses
after dinner guests enjoyed incredible flamenco performances from stephanie narvaez and carola zertuche
followed by the hosts toasting the chez panisse foundation & the many local business who donated to the event (acme breadtokyo fish marketbeaune imports, among others)
holy moly, i think this was my dream dessert (wish i could crinkle my nose like in 'i dream of jeannie' and give you all a taste!)
from the top, a crunchy & light caramelized almond torte, candied orange-peel, tiny shortbread cookie, dark chocolate covered toffee square, homemade ice milk (like ice cream) covered with a fresh peach & blackberry compote..!

{footnote:  my mom always taught me to take a ton of pictures - the more you take, the more good ones you get.  i certainly agree, but the tiny problem with taking so many photos is that then you have to sift through them all! - and worse, choose which to use! ;)}

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Anonymous said...

Did you do the calligraphy for their glasses? They're so beautiful!