the ultimate dinner party, part 1

you may have heard about the chez panisse 40th anniversary benefit dinners this fall, and you already know about the sueugas, so now comes the best of both worlds:  daniella & anthony sueuga together with sylvie & michael sullivan (owner of beaune imports) host this incredible spanish themed evening!  you'd think this would suffice - but no, the evening continues!  stay tuned for part 2..
the lovely daniella & anthony sueuga (above)
guests starting the evening with vino, spanish guitar, and tapas
and meanwhile the paella-making begins..
adding the rice and the broth, mussels, clams and calamari
anthony and michael taste and season


Connie @ Daydream In Color said...

That looks incredible! I would love some paella right now. Yes, for breakfast! I was so jealous of the Chez Panisse benefit dinners & now I'm also jealous of this!


i know, right?! and oh my goodness connie, just wait till i post my photos of the dessert from this night-- mmmm, you'll absolutely want it for breakfast!