you're invite: this weekend!

lots of news here at LINEA CARTA headquarters!!  when it rains it pours (though the sun is shining brightly) and all of a sudden i have more projects than can fit in my live-work studio..  so i decided to move my bed out for the month to make room to print, package, fill orders, prepare for sales (see below), work on custom wedding invitations, and meet with clients.  one meeting in particular that i'm excited to share is with the gift buyers from anthropologie (wish me luck)!  and i figure as long as i've made some space why not have an open studio and invite you too?!

you are cordially invited to:

a seconds sale at fourth & clay THIS SATURDAY~ where i'll have stationery, linens and gifts -- along with 9 other local talents!

my studio sale THIS SUNDAY ~ celebrating my 'new' studio with drinks and treats (and deals)!  2-5pm,  2904 mabel street, berkeley

if you can't make it to either event, enjoy 15% off your entire online order here with this coupon code*: mamalove


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Tele-pak, Inc. said...

Sounds like a nice weekend linup! I wish i could be there.