holidaze craze

hi all, sorry for my lapse in posting this month -- it's good news though and just means i've been super busy filling all your holiday orders!! and store orders, custom design projects, calligraphy jobs, ANNNND making new gifts to sell at the SF Renegade Craft Fair this weekend.  oh, and i even  designed and printed new 2012 linen calendars (for sale here). 

find me at booth #116 for awesome deals !
as you may know, i've been looking to move for a while now, so this calendar is my wish for a new home -- and of course my wish for you to enjoy your nesting place, wherever it may be!  it includes materials birds commonly use to make nests (feathers, grasses, twigs, string).  you'll also find homes like igloos, teepees, trees, and mountains.  and last but not least my dream house with my two happy dogs hanging out in their dream yard.  printed on both natural and avocado colored linen.

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