DIY washi tags

yes, i'm still in love with washi tape..  i've been making these little gift tags to package online orders with, and have gotten a couple thank you's mentioning how much you liked the little tags --  and they are soooo easy to make!

so here's a little step-by-step tutorial:  1. tape up a sheet of card stock (also nice on kraft paper) - any colors, any pattern, you can't go wrong!  2. i used a paper cutter here, eyeballing 1" strips, then used scissors to chop them about 1.5" long (pictured here only a few, though i got plenty more out of my sheet).  3. snip the edges into an arrow.  4. punch a hole (i like this craft store hole-punch cause it has a tiny hole).  5.  take some twine (or string or ribbon) and knot around the hole.  6. attach to gift, and ta-da!

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Merissa Cherie said...

I'm addicted to washi tape too (^•^) Can't get enough!
Love what you made here. The tags are pretty and colorful, very cheery :)