i'm published!

i'm published!  i got two books in the mail this week where you'll find my work:  The Book of Love by KC Jones and published by Chronicle Books (available for pre-order now), and Promo-Art: Innovation in Invitations, Greetings, and Business Cards by Charlotte Rivers and published by Rotovision. and i'm SO DELIGHTED with them both.  Promo-Art features several large scale full-color pages of my custom invitations, while The Book of Love is such a little gem with its debossed cover, gold edged pages,  and my illustrations throughout (including the endpapers, quotes in calligraphy, 7 chapter page illustrations, and more!). 


my name is ish said...

yay, yay, yay!

Cristina said...

Hi Diva!A little surprise for you in my blog ^-^ !
Your creations are very beautiful <3 !