new new news!

oh my, so much news! a new website. a new collection. wedding suites, linens, calendars, cards, you name it - LINEA CARTA has it. photos here by the lovely and talented Marc Virata (also does BEAUTIFUL wedding photos!).


art4friends said...

oh my oh my OH MY!

your online shop and blog are just STUNNING!!!

Renee xx

Dallas Shaw said...

your work is amazing


Jeanelle said...

love your work! I was just curious do you screenprint all your stationery items? I'm also a fellow designer that wants to start experimenting with screenprinting, do you used a gocco machine or something else?


lolasmom said...

just discovered you through the kind boutique. can't wait to post about you! just beautiful work!

editor, scoutie girl


thank you!!! i did start with gocco, and still use gocco for smaller and mostly paper projects (even wedding invitations!). the linens are all silkscreen printed by local printers. i've thought about taking it up, but for now i have enough on my plate as is :)